The main purpose of uploading this version is to show progress to those interested. It is a very buggy demo. Two bosses are present in this demo, and 5 mechs are attainable.


  • loading a saved game may cause freezing
  • specific scenarios of swapping mechs may cause clipping through terrain, but is unlikely
  • turret bullets travel through walls, but are destroyed upon entering any room the player is not currently in
  • moving platforms are not fully functional and will cross through the player and other items, freezing them in place for a second
  • the worm mech can shoot through walls if your head is peaking through it
  • the mine enemy is not fully functional
  • collision with large buttons is not always 100% responsive


  • pulling up the map does not pause the game
  • the map will show your position and savepoints you have found, but not all doorways/paths are drawn in yet
  • enemy health is not fully balanced
  • FACTORY area is not available, the spike path leads to nothing but VOID
  • controller is only partially supported (my ps4 controller works on windows 7)
  • animation, sound, and general polish is low on the priority list

I will be there for demo day 20, don't worry.


Mech Chip 0.1.0.zip 16 MB
Apr 05, 2018

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