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Native resolution is 254x240, I suggest playing in fullscreen mode. I apologize if the game is loud on launch.


Install instructions

Extract the executable before launching.


Mech Chip 0.1.4 plus.zip 10 MB

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if you charge the superjump and go to a save room the charge noise stay . nice game

I have played until i found the second savepoint, great concept and great atmosphere, but i suggest you to have all button showed in your webpage because it was hard to figure it out how to jump after you acquire the superjump suit. Good Job!

(for some reason when i press W just generate coins.)

(Played 0.1.4)

This is surprisingly extensive! I was expecting it to be a small little test thing but now I'm only half done for the night.

This is a really unique little metroidvania with totally weird abilities that I actually really like. The progression gating is pretty well done, it feels like i'm uncovering the map naturally as I go.

The visuals do the job but they aren't really outstanding. The 1-bit palette is good, but I'd suggest maybe changing said palette to different colors in different areas, to give it a bit more flavor. Hell, maybe even switch to a 2-bit palette so you have a whole 4 colors to use.

The sound design is, again, not really noteworthy. The music is cute, I liked the Tower theme, though after I died the music stopped for some reason.

The gameplay is what I love the most about this. The abilities are strange, but they work really well. The first mech ability letting you jump more than an entire screen high really sets this apart from others. Some of the abilities (the bomb especially) do kinda let you cheese some rooms by just sniping things around corners, but honestly I don't mind that. It's fun!

As far as tutorialization goes, maybe some explanation on the controls would help. I thought it was WASD at first, accidentally opening the map before I realized the arrows were used. I also didn't realize you could use a partially charged jump, but since that isn't too necessary it's not really essential to show. Still, though, maybe a little "Hold S" message when you first get the jump mech would help.

All in all, fantastic little thing you have going there. Keep it up!

Thank you very much for the kind words! Your comments on the palette are noted, but I will most likely be keeping the same 1bit b/w throughout, with player chosen palettes. Yes, the music is quite buggy and I haven't gone back and fully fixed after-death bugs.

Thank you again, for playing and the big comment!

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Here ya go!

This is still as good as it was a few months ago when I played it-- which is to say, quite good-- and it may have improved a bit. I understand what you're going for with the style and it accomplishes a feel that's hard to describe (my best attempt: it's like a night with some light rain), but I think it would be good to have a little bit of color at some point, or at least some shades of gray, just to break things up. The sound effects are a lot louder than the music, so much so that I had to choose either not hearing the music or having the sound effects be at an uncomfortable volume. I really wish there was some way to save the progress I've made, dying felt like too much of an inconvenience to make me want to spend more than a couple lives playing this. The biggest issue is the jumping, there's almost no momentum and it sort of feels the opposite of floaty and not in a very good way. It's not that noticeable with the mech suit (or whatever the upgrade is), but the standard base character has a very noticeable oddness to its jumps.

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Your thoughts align with mine pretty well, but I decided a while back not to add color, and to actually not have any grey either, to keep it true to ""1bit."" I do also agree that it needs at least something for aesthetics, such as the stars but they don't persist through the whole game.  Audio mixing is for later I suppose, I understand there's a huge imbalance. Having some mechs have a different controlled jump than others make it feel uncomfortable, but that doesn't solve lack of momentum or "squat frames" prior to a jump as you inferred. I keep coming back to this and I am unsure whether I want to do it, but I have time. Thank you for playing and for posting this here and the thread.

On the color and shading, could you have some dithering then, and/or increase the resolution?

On jumping, I'm not talking about when you initiate the jump, I'm talking about air movement (unless I've gotten games mixed up in my head). If I remember correctly, your sideways movement almost completely stops as soon as you let go of a direction, and resumes if you press that direction again, and that's unusual in my experience and hard to get used to even though it follows some logic.

Regarding 0.0.7 update: 

  • Tab switching feels much better than the old method.  I still recommend you experiment with tab release though (later on), just because I can imagine there being tons of mechs further in the game and it would take a while to cycle through lots of them until the right one comes up. 
  • I like the addition of the floor spikes, and the checkpoint is a cool idea that came at just the right time when I was running out of health.
  • After getting the bomber it didn't show the tutorial prompt, and I think I remember snakes in the previous room to blow up that weren't there. 
  • End room works great, but did you remove the text?  It didn't show for me. 
  • Keep up the great work!

Yeah, I am for sure changing the tab method to a menu style to compensate for later mech additions, but with release rather than a separate button. I just wanted to change it for playability really (temporarily).

End room text is different, it should have shown up when you entered the room rather than hit a button.

The bomber key is now space, so I figured there was no reason for a prompt, as players would (hopefully) hit space to jump and discover both that: they can't jump, and jump key shoots a bomb.

Thanks very much for playing and the feedback.

Camera transitions feel good and that's about it. Maybe for this kind of game you can add a visual control tutorial or if you prefer to keep players in the dark add a settings menu to adjust resolution size and sound. Good luck on your mysterious game.

Really good start, I can see where this is going. The room with the enemies moving back and forth is well designed, I felt very satisfied when I failed twice, then succeeded. Because I realized I could make the enemies drop down and fall out of my way. The minimal look of the game is perfect. Especially the mech that you inhabit, his little animations display a lot of character, and more than that, the way his movement feels also adds a lot of character. That is not an easy feat. 

I am reminded a bit about a game I used to play, Space Station Silicon Valley. You play a microchip, inhabiting various robotic animals with their own abilities. That seems like where this game is headed, which is cool. That concept has not been done justice. Speaking of the mech, once I got him I did not know how to go forward. Is there more I am missing?

Also, one tip I picked up about platforming from Mario (well, one among MANY). It feels really good if you add a jump window after you leave a platform. So players often hit jump right AFTER they fall off a ledge. Then their jump doesn't do anything. If you give them a small window, say 200-500 miliseconds after they fall off a ledge, it feels much better when jumping around between platforms. 

One last thing. When I jumped into the mech, it made me smile. I think the concept is fun.

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So funny you mention Space Station Silicon Valley! My friend told me about it when I told him about my game idea, I hadn't heard of it before then.

Yes, the mech charges by hitting down. I am working on communicating this better to the player, preferably without text. Very new to programming in general, so I'm trying to learn to add in different states of charging and animations for this. It will take a bit due to being such a novice.

Hey, wow, I thought I had noticed an increased jump window in your game! My suspicions were correct, huh. That is a great idea.

So glad you liked it, thank you! and thanks for the feedback too


Ah ha! The sooper jump. Now I got to the actual end of the demo. Keep it up.


Nice start, keep it up!

Thank you!